Amey analytics expansion after UK-US investment


Amey Group has acquired the assets and employees of British technology company Citi Logik – shortly after the firm was itself sold to a UK-US private equity partnership. 

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Credit: Amey
by Rory ButlerJanuary 9, 2023

Amey, with new shareholders One Equity Partners (OEP) and Buckthorn Partners, said it invested in data tracking specialist Citi Logik to improve clients’ understanding of travel patterns and to support transport solutions. 

Formed in 2012, Citi Logik ‘enhances anonymised raw mobile network data to enable firms to identify trends across different transportation modes’. 

Buckthorn and OEP recently finalised the acquisition of Amey from Ferrovial, following an October 2022 announcement.   

  • £400 million sale  
  • Estimated £245 million equity value 

Former Chancellor, Philip Hammond is a partner of Buckthorn. 

The new team will form part of Amey Consulting’s Advisory and Analytics arm, whose clients include Network Rail, National Highways and Transport for Wales. 

“This will allow us to provide our clients, the owners of critical national infrastructure, with ground-breaking analytics services, that will help create better and safer transport networks for the public and which, in turn, will support economic growth,” said Alex Gilbert, Managing Director of Amey Consulting. 

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