Vinci to Lead on UK’s Largest Steel Forge Facility


Vinci Building will lead initial works on the UK’s largest open-die forge facility, according to a news outlet.  

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by Rory ButlerNovember 21, 2022

Inside the deal: The firm has won the “early works contract and pre-construction services agreement” for a new 12,700-sqm structure for Sheffield Forgemasters, according to Construction Enquirer. 

The new building, on Brightside Lane, in Sheffield, is part of a £400 million investment in the site over ten years, which includes a new 13,000-tonne forging press that Forgemasters got from Japan. 

Who will benefit? 

  • Sheffield economy 
  • UK steel industry 
  • national economy 

Partial demolition of the existing forge building, and construction of new heat shield walls were approved in previous plans. 

On the job: 

  • Aew Architects 
  • Tetra Tech 
  • Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) 

“In the early part of 2022, we undertook a major logistical exercise to ship the new press from Japan and place it in safe storage in the UK,” said Forgemasters COO, Gareth Barker. 

“The new facility will significantly improve our throughput of large, complex forgings and will enable us to push the envelope in terms of forging techniques and processes, as well as improving accuracy and reducing downtime.” 

Completion of works and the new forge in operation is scheduled for 2025. 

Vinci was approached for comment. 

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