Recycled Plastic in Road Resurfacing is ‘First of its Kind in UK’


Roadfill Ltd has partnered with Buckinghamshire Council to trial the use of recycled plastic in road resurfacing in the county. 

site workers on road resurfacing
Credit: Buckinghamshire Council and Roadfill Ltd
by Rory ButlerNovember 14, 2022

Although trialled successfully in Europe, these are the first trials of their kind in the UK. 

Roadfill laid two small trial patches on the A40 Oxford Road in Denham, and Orchard Way in Holmer Green. 


  • Recycled plastic from waste (0.2%) is incorporated into the asphalt mix   
  • Equal to 16,000 recycled 500ml plastic bottles for this trial  


  • Around 0.5 tonnes less bitumen is needed 
  • Stronger, more durable and reliable roads 
  • Retains elasticity, reducing cracks and potholes 

Highways experts will monitor how the material performs alongside more traditional materials. 

“The two trials will enable us to test the performance and longevity of the road surfaces over an initial 12-month period,” said cabinet member for transport, Cllr Steven Broadbent.  

“If the results are positive, we may then consider further sites, as well as monitoring the original sites for a further four years to check how they hold up over a longer period of time.”    

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