Kier and Mace lead on UK’s first all-electric prison


Kier and Mace will take the lead on the UK’s first all-electric prison at Full Sutton in East Yorkshire.

kier and mace land fo all-electric prison
by Rory ButlerNovember 11, 2022

Inside the deal: The new jail will hold nearly 1,500 prisoners. Its construction will create more than 600 jobs, 25% within 50 miles of the site.

At least 50 ex-offenders will be employed by Kier under a government rehabilitation scheme.

Energy efficiency:

  • 68% less energy than HMP Five Wells in Wellingborough, Britain’s first Smart prison.
  • 18 GWh less electricity and gas every year than HMP Belmarsh.
  • Solar panels and heat pumps mean 78% less energy than Wormwood Scrubs.
  • 40% of construction spending within 50 miles of Full Sutton.
  • Yearly public savings: £1.1 million.

“We will deliver this new prison as a cutting-edge facility, built on engineering excellence that we have utilised on other projects, and using innovative sustainable methods which will achieve net zero in operation. Alongside this, we’ll create hundreds of jobs throughout the lifecycle of the project,” said Kier Group MD, Liam Cummins.

The new prison will open in 2025.

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