Deloitte Report Outlines Top Tips to Prepare for 4IR


Deloitte has outlined in a report fundamental shifts in connected construction which industry leaders must harness for success.

by Rory ButlerNovember 10, 2022

‘The Future of Construction’ identifies key trends shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) – and how firms can still capture value in a rapidly changing landscape.

To benefit their workforce, customers and community, it recommends companies pay attention to the following five areas:

  • Smart operations
  • Prefabrication and modular construction
  • Data and advanced analytics
  • Future of work
  • Strategic sourcing

Traditional vs future processes

The transition from manual processes to even pockets of digital is a gradual one for most firms. A ‘fundamental shift’ to more sophisticated operations is outlined in the following ways:

Traditional process Future process
Engineering design Configuration and structural design
Procurement Strategic sourcing and procurement
Off-site assembly Prefabrication and logistics
On-site building and construction On-site installation and build
Project management Smart portfolio management


Deloitte urges firms to develop a “connected, integrated, and automated” operations strategy – a command centre that enables proactive supervision of end-to-end processes in real time, unlocking “new efficiencies through connected visibility, proactive exception management, and predictive insights”. This could ensure greater assurance on schedules and budgets, boosting productivity, and reducing disruption.

“This positions firms to deliver step-change improvements in decision-making through advanced analytics, enable remote management of assets where feasible, and streamline workforce allocation and utilisation,” Deloitte said.

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