Brand In Construction & Taylor Wimpey

For the longest time, marketing & advertising were treated as a checkbox for our industry. Firms asked their admins to put their logo in a newspaper and that was it. No defined creative efforts. No tracking & reporting mechanisms. The incentives weren’t there.

But, the tide is turning…slowly.


With the industry being in a labour crisis, increasing EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) efforts, and procurement directors becoming more digitally savvy. Firms have no choice but to try compete in the space.

“Contractors are coming to us because they want to win more workand their brand appearance is hurting them. Secondly, they have too many vacancies to fill, and they are not sure how to communicate this effectively.” according to Tiernan Dixon of Superbeam, a new agency that is working with a number of contractors across the industry.

From a new business perspective, well-designed case studies have been inadequate. Winning a project and successfully completing it is great, but contractors need to go a step further. “We have clients coming to us explaining how they want to win a new project with a Tier 1 contractor. They explain to me how much value they added to the previous project they’ve completed for them, but they have no technical 3D animations or other content to back up their statements”

Taylor Wimpey has been one of the first movers in the creative space. The High Wycombe-based giant has employed four creative agencies in the last 5 years to help them deliver marketing campaigns about their projects, services, and people.

Their marketing strategy is clever. They use agencies located in different regions of the UK to help them localise their message. This creates relevance and context to people living in these regions. Developing a more personal connection with their brand.

Why this matters: When big players like Wimpey are investing heavily in brand, it creates a domino effect. More contractors will have to implement it in order to build more attractive tenders.

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